One small step for clutter….

Like most people my clutter built up slowly, a bit like putting on weight a few pounds at a time. When I first moved to London I could move house by putting all my belongings in the back of a taxi – now it would take a fleet of removal vans. So how on earth had I got to this point?

This was one of the many questions I asked when I surveyed the clutter in my one bedroom maisonette. This had seemed quite spacious when I had moved in six years ago. However, one husband and one child later I found my space groaning at the seams with CDs, books, toys and clothes. Cooking a meal left my kitchen resembling a war zone and there was enough makeup and cosmetics lying around to keep Superdrug stocked for a week.

The result, stress, a feeling I was permanently doing housework, a sense of chaos and a dread of my birthday, which would inevitably lead to more clutter. Yet still I kept spending and consuming yet the happiness of acquiring new things was often short lived.

And so this blog has been born to help both myself (and anyone else fed up with the clutter) to find the motivation to address it. I admit it. I am a clutter monkey and it doesn’t make me happy. I want a nice tidy home and the freedom to spend time with my family and to plan a bright future. I don’t want to be moving stuff from one room to another until I can’t actually see the floor, or get in the doorway!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently reading up on simplifying life, how to get rid of superfluous items and to live with minimal impact on dwindling resources. So this is my chance test out these theories in practice and see how I get on.

I’ve read that it’s best to start small. It’s the old adage “how do you eat and elephant?” Answer “one piece at a time.” So I make my first step and throw a vase into the bin. It’s got a dirty great crack in but it’s a nice vase. I don’t really want to let it go but it’s broken and it was left in my flat when I got here. So in it goes and so my journey starts. By Christmas I am aiming to get rid of 2014 items. I wonder how I will get on….


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