Why giving unwanted items to charity is better than selling

The third day of my quest to go clutter free was going rather badly. The sum total of discarded items was two (and they were both cracked so hardly a sacrifice.) I therefore decided to take the bull by the horns and give them to charity. In my room was a large pile of baby clothes that were in good condition but no longer fitted by daughter. My grand plan was to sell them on eBay – a month ago. I finally accepted the truth, it just wasn’t going to happen and so bagged them up to take them to my local charity shop, Scope.

By taking them to charity I was saving all the time and the bother of photographing them, listing them online, responding to who ever bought them, packaging them up and then taking to the post office. Time which I had already realised I didn’t have. Chances are if they didn’t all sell at once I would getting rid of them over several weeks and I wanted rid of them immediately. I also knew that the small amount I would get for the trouble of selling online, would probably be half the charity would receive if they sold it in their shop, especially once gift aid had been taken into account. (I earmarked a bag of old CDs to donate for the same reason. There were a number of new online music resellers that had emerged but they were offering on average 30p per CD which was nothing.)

Now I’m not advocating that this works for everyone. If I was really struggling financially then it would have made more sense to try and sell these items and then use the money to pay off my debts. However I was fortunate that I had a full time job and many of the clothes both new and second hand had been gifts from friends, family and colleagues. It therefore seemed fairer that the clothes should benefit another mother who might not have been so lucky. Plus I believe that by giving to charity you create a positive kind of energy and anyway, it feels good!

It didn’t take long to bag up the clothes and suddenly my total clutter busting had leapt to 44 items, without even trying. Yes I felt a little pang of regret that my daughter had already grown out of the clothes. Yet it was not the clothes themselves, but how short the time that she was a little baby had been. With her chest of drawers already full of new clothes for a big girl, she certainly wouldn’t miss them and hopefully they would soon be benefiting some other little girl.

The remaining clothese that were too worn for the charity shop were bagged up to go in the recycling clothing bin down the end of the road. I then admired the newly emerging floor space in my bedroom.


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