Usain Bolt’s guide to clearing the clutter

Usain Bolt's guide to clearing clutterOK, OK so it’s not really Usain Bolt’s actual guide, as he is far too busy breaking world records to generate clutter in the first place. (Unless it’s that pile of used trainers under the stairs – nasty). However, we can always borrow his ‘live fast’ philosophy, by taking the speedy approach to clutter busting and household chores.

This approach can be effective in all rooms, but here is how it could work in the kitchen. Imagine the scene – it’s a real mess and your surfaces are covered with cooking utensils, grains of rice, food packaging and various bits of cutlery. The sink is full of washing up, or if you have a dishwasher it’s waiting to be filled. The mere sight of it fills you with a sense of despair.
This is going to take AGES to clear up.

Don’t worry – this is where the lightening bolt approach comes in. Find a pair of rubber gloves and instead of labouring over the task – make it fast!

First of all look for all the junk that needs throwing away. Imaging you are grabbing a relay baton and snatch up every bit of rubbish you can see and throw it straight in the dustbin. Then take a carrier bag and fill it with anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen for sorting later. Deposit the bag outside the kitchen door and then return.

Next grab each dirty mug, plate and piece of cutlery and stack in the dishwasher. Or alternatively empty the overflowing sink and quickly rinse of the surface dirt. Piles the plates and mugs together and fill bowls and pans will hot water for a quick soak. Fill the bowl with fresh soapy water and then scrub all the crockery at double speed, systematically piling them up on the side on top of a clean tea towel to soak up the excess water. Next grab another tea towel, dry everything and put away back in your cupboards as fast as you can.

Then comes the surface clean. Grab a cleaning spray and splash liberally splash it around your kitchen liberally. Find a cleaning cloth and wipe, wipe, wipe.  Remember, on this occasion we aiming for ‘acceptable and tidy’, not ‘perfection’ – this is the Usain Bolt clean, not a Mo Farah deep clean.

Finally take your dust pan and brush and remove any rubbish on the floor – get sweeping! If you have a mop and bucket to hand then  quickly fill the bucket with soapy water and streak it across the floor at high speed.

And then you are done! And hopefully you will have set a new world record for tidying.


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