My clutter marathon

Clutter marathonAs the marathon takes over the streets of London, I am sitting at home admiring the stamina and bravery of those taking part. As a reluctant jogger, my own chances of ever completing such an amazing feat of endurance are practically nil. I can however appreciate the lessons that the marathon can give us when dealing with some of the challenges we face in our lives.

We are told that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race and certainly that is a lesson I need to remember when I look at the mess around me. I have to remember that I have made a start and although it is only a small start, I have at least begun.

The problem with following the perceived wisdom on clearing space in my life is that starting small is not spectacular. Small does not see immediate results and after months (ok years) of living in clutter, I feel like I need a dramatic wave of a magic wand. Abracadabra and all the clutter has gone. If only. Back in the real world I am left with small and a while I am pleased with my empty work surface I can’t help but see the pile of rubbish that is already threatening to encroach upon it.

Hence the marathon analogy. I need to be prepared physically and mentally in order to start clearing the clutter. Do I have the right equipment? Do I have the supplies that I need? What will motivate me to keep on going? I am reminded of the late reality star Jade Goody who prepared for her marathon by undertaking a total of four training sessions and who continued to eat her, less that healthy diet, of  curries and Chinese takeaways. Not surprisingly Jade only managed to run eight miles before she was stretchered off. If I begin my decluttering with a negative and impatient state of mind, in all probability I will also fail.

So I have gone into training. A piece at a time and a day at a time and one, magical day I will reach the finish line.

For an alternative approach to clutter busting please see Usain Bolt’s guide to clearing the clutter


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