What the clut?! Other people’s clutter

Other people’s clutter. I’m not talking here about your child’s, or your partner’s clutter, or anyone else you share your space with on a daily basis.No, I’m talking about – Other People. Your friends, your family, your colleagues, your cluttersister’s little children and their associated toys – I mean how dare they!

If it wasn’t hard enough to come to terms with all your own clutter, you are now having to ask why other people are storing their clutter at your house?! For nothing. For years! This dear reader happened to me in the shape of my brother. In the midst of the various moves, inheritances, house clearing and borrowing, I somehow ended up with an enormous globe, a picture, numerous books and a very strange dish.

Then there were the books friends had lent me, but I’d failed to return (ok my fault there). There were also numerous DVDs waiting to be watched and then returned to yet more friends. Not all of these lovingly lent items had been requested in the first place. To the best of my knowledge I had never expressed any desire to view a box set of ‘Prison break’, but I was lent it all the same. It all added up to extra space blockers and therefore had to go.

And so I decided to go a house-calling with a little gift of my own labeled “your stuff.” Strangely enough these return gifts were not accepted with the rapture I expected. This was probably due to the fact that the perpetrators were now faced with the clutter they had conveniently tried to forget. As for me – return to sender never felt better.

Try counting up all the items that you are house sitting for other people. You may be surprised….


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