Out damned spot – how small things can equal a big energy drain

abstract-19915_640This is what I’m talking about. It’s the blob of blue tack on the ceiling that was holding up a decoration three years ago. It’s the spec of dirt on the carpet that you look at every time you walk down the hall, or the dirty mark on the light switch. Maybe it’s the item of clutter that really does not, under any circumstances, EVER belong on that shelf, yet there it sits
calling out ‘woohoo’ every time you walk by.

Sometimes we spend so long focusing on the big problems that we fail to address the small niggling issues. Each one of these tiny annoyances catches our eye each day and we are forced to process it. Our brain takes in much more than we realise and registers a moment of discomfort every time we see something that jars us. All these little moments of discomfort add up and before you know it you are feeling annoyed without really knowing why. This is the problem of clutter – especially the type that reminds us of our failure to address it.

So today pick one tiny job that you are failing to complete. It can be anything from the fluff poking out from under the sofa, to the cobweb hanging down from the ceiling. Tackle just one of these niggles a day and see how much better you feel.


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