Clutter blackspot: The Bathroom

Clutter blackspot, the bathroomA recent TV advert asked the question ‘What does your loo say about you?’ and as strange as it may seem to be judged in relation to your toilet, it does make you stop and think about the smallest room. It’s said that Oscar winning actors proudly keep their trophies in the toilet, knowing that their guests will visit the loo at least once. And they have a point. You can hide clutter away before most visits, safe in the knowledge that your guests will not be opening your bedroom doors to see it. The bathroom is another story.

Cleanliness aside, clutter in the bathroom can accumulate before you know it. It can take many forms, but here are the most common culprits:

  • Toilet rolls – espeically the empty ones
  • Cosmetics, grooming and bathing products
  • Medicines
  • Toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss
  • Cleaning products
  • Children’s bath toys
  • Mirrors
  • Decorations – plants, shells, candles etc
  • Towels, face cloths
  • Dressing gown, odd items of clothing
  • Bin and laundrey basket
  • Things that don’t belong in the bathroom (you know what they are!)

Here are some tips to reclaim your bathroom and transform it from bin end to boudouir

1. Find some empty cardboard boxes and binliners,
2. Empty any cabinets then sort all items and fill each box with similar items, so one box for cosmetics, another for medicines, another for decorations etc and then remove them from the bathroom,
3. Pick up any clothes and put them in the laundry basket for washing later,
4. Empty the bathroom bin and throw any used toilet rolls, empty bottles and general rubbish in the binliners,
5. Give the bathroom and thorough clean including the floor, windows and all those nooks and crannies you avoid doing normally,
6. While the floor and surfaces are drying, take each box in turn and examine each item in it.
7. Check all the dates for medicines, cosmetics and personal grooming products and discard any that are out of date or really messy. Ask yourself have do I use this regularly? If not bin it. If you have multiple items of the same product consider finding another home for the item until it’s required. And please – throw away all those unopened sample sized products you have hoarded from hotels or pass them on to someone who might appreciate them.
8. Examine all other items in turn. Look at there general condition and ask yourself if you really need them in the bathroom?For example, can bath toys be stored in a toy box in another room and a few brought out at a time, rather than all of them?
9. Find another home for anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom, or get rid of it.
10. Store cleaning products safely in another room so you don’t have to look at them when you are relaxing in the bath.

When you have finished sorting each item then return to the bathroom and put the items back neatly, grouping similar items together. If you still have a huge amount of visible clutter at the end of it then it is time to rethink your storage options. These could include:

  • Buying a new/larger bathroom cabinet
  • Finding a holder for your toilet rolls
  • Putting up shelves/wall mounted holders
  • Creating a cabinet under the sink

You could also repeat the exercise a week later and be even more ruthless with the items you deal with.

Another trick for cutting down products is to make sure you finish one product completely before starting another which will cut down on multiple products being open at the same time.


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