Clutter attack: Give away an item a day

China cat clutterYou read it right – just one piece of clutter removed a day. Admittedly this doesn’t sound like a lot. “What would be the point of that?” you ask.”It’s hardly going to clear the mountain of clutter that is piling up in my living room/bedroom/kitchen!” And you would be right. A piece of clutter gone a day may sound just like a drop in the ocean of laziness. But if you have reached the point where your house is groaning at the seams then it’s an easy assumption to make that you have a problem with clearing your things. Clearing a piece of clutter a day gets you started. It puts you firmly at the point of taking action. Moreover a piece of clutter is easily achievable If you have been putting off the inevitable clear out, here is one task that it would really be very difficult not to at least attempt and make a success.

However much you adore your collection of clutter, you should be able to compromise by getting rid of one tiny item. I’m not being too prescriptive here, the only condition is that the item must not obviously be a piece of rubbish – i.e an empty drinks carton. The item you get remove can be obsolete or broken, but it can be something you were hanging onto for a rainy day, or an item that you know you should get rid of, but are keeping hold of. An example here would be a face cream that you know is long past its use-by date but it was originally very expensive to buy.

When we hang onto clutter, we often have a hundred little reasons that pop into our head about why we really need to keep that item. This approach forces us to make a decision but it is a decision that helps us to ignore those little voices – because it is only one item. Even the most irrational mind has trouble processing an argument against such a minor sacrifice. Even if it takes an hour to decide which of your precious items should be abandoned – just do it. Chances are you will mentally begin to rank your items in order of necessity and preference. Ask yourself which of these items is the least important? What can you realistically live without? Even which items do you actually rather dislike? By choose the minor and the least loved item, you should be able to bypass the angst that surrounds the process and get yourself started on the road to reclaiming your space.

Once you have managed one day then celebrate –  you’ve done it! You can now challenge yourself to the next day and then the next. Starting is always the hardest thing and once you done several days in a row, you will be starting the formation of a new habit. A habit that will eventually rid you of your clutter.


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