Clutter: Make your home a sanctuary not a scrapheap

SanctuaryWhen you think about your home, do you picture a place of serenity – or a scrapyard?

When I think about coming home, I always look forward to it and yet I know it’s still very much a work in progress in terms of organising the clutter. I want it to be a sanctuary, but sometimes I know I go out to avoid confronting the clutter-busting that still needs to be done.

The Oxford English dictionary provides multiple definitions of the word ‘home’, the most obvious being ‘The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household’. Other uses of the word closely relate to the nature of our environment, as ‘Home’ is also defined as  ‘A place where an object is kept.’ If we take this definition, with our home as a place to merely house all the objects we have collected, then the notion of home becomes rather depressing. Where is the life? Where are the people?

A home should be much, much more than the objects within it, yet if we continually fail to deal with our clutter we are danger of living in a storage unit, with our personalities stifled and weighed down by endless mess.

The version I prefer is home defined  as a’ place where something flourishes’. Here a home is a place for rest and recuperation, with a chance to learn new things in a familiar and safe environment. In a home full of clutter it can be difficult to relax, especially when you are surrounded by hundreds of objects that distract your attention, restrict your movement and emotionally drain your energy.

Nor can you learn new hobbies or explore new passions when your time is consumed with moving, rearranging and looking for your bits of clutter. And cleaning takes hours, or worse –  you give up cleaning altogether because it’s too much of an effort and hey you can’t see the surfaces and floors anymore anyway! (Note if this applies to you, then read my post ‘Not quite a Hoarder yet’).

This month why not commit to making your home more relaxing. If your house makeover is taking its time, why not find a small area you can clear and create your very own oasis of calm. It might be a favourite chair you could clear and cover with a throw or a cushion. Or it may be something simple like adding fresh flowers to a beautiful vase. You could also explores ways to engage your senses. What music could you play? Could you light a scented candle? Sometimes its the small activities that help us to relax rather than the grand gestures or exotic holidays.

In the long-term, getting rid of the clutter will make the biggest change in your life, but just for today, stop stressing about the task in hand. Your clutter journey has begun – so just relax.


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