Why you don’t need to impress anyone but yourself

impress yourselfWe all like to feel admired and valued by other people but how much of our time is spent secretly trying to impress other people?

What’s wrong with that you may ask? Well nothing – but think for a moment about how this works in reality. Being admired for our personal qualities is something to be commended, but when our sense of personal value crosses over into the things the things that we own, the stuff that we buy, or the clothes that we wear, then our sense of pride may be founded on shakier ground. Liking ourselves for the person we truly are can be difficult. In today’s world image is everything. Witness the rise of the’ selfie’ the ultimate ‘look at me’ calling card of celebrity culture.

The desire to embrace a simpler lifestyle is based upon the rejection of artifice and a false sense of superiority. We may consider ourselves to be different from everyone else and define ourselves by our personal good taste, but what does this really mean? And are we so different from other people? We may wear designer clothes, live in a big house and drive a classic car (or at least dream doing so), but does it really make us better people? We still need to eat, sleep and work as much as the next, less-fashionably dressed person. However beautiful or clever we are, there will always be someone more attractive, funny or intelligent than us. This is the sad fact of reality. Purchasing more and more items, however elaborate and trendy, does not improve our personalities. Acquiring a fabulous wardrobe doesn’t make us nicer, more entertaining people to be around. Yet the Ad-men try to convince us otherwise, keeping us consuming and collecting more clutter. Keep buying those designer trainers – you’ll need them to  run from all that debt you’ve accumulated.

The truth is the only person you need to impress is yourself. We all have our own set of values and personal qualities we admire and it’s up to us to achieve them. Sometimes we may fail dismally, but at least we have personal qualities we can aspire to that are more meaningful than driving a shiny new car.  If we want to live an authentic life then we need to accept ourselves for who we are. If people don’t like us, should we really spend time moulding ourselves to fit their ideas of perfection?

We are all imperfect, it’s how we deal with those imperfections that make us the people we truly are. Look within yourself and you’ll find the amazing qualities you possess will reappear. And those qualities do not require a credit card.

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