Feel the fear and do it anyway

Feel the fear and do it anywayI am a self-confessed self-help junkie. Over the years I’ve taken ‘The Road less travelled’, embraced ‘The Power of Now’ cultivated the ‘Seven habits of highly successful people’ and even attempted to learn ‘the Secret’ (although disappointingly world domination still seems to escape me). Out of all these different titles, the one book I keep returning to is Susan Jeffers. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’

The book’s simple premise is that we are all likely to feel a degree of fear when we try a new task. In many cases the task or goal may be one that we have tried or experienced before, but for what ever reason, is still making us feel uncomfortable and nervous. Jeffers solution is to push past these feelings and take action’ (however scary this may be) because ultimately this will enable us to reach our goals.

Recently, I put this theory to the test by leaving my job of nearly nine years. It was a great job, working for an organisation that had supported me well and I had met some wonderful people. However, it had got to the point where I felt I had nowhere to go and change after change had made me feel unsettled and stuck. So finally I took action and the next thing I knew I had a job offer. I think I in shock that it happened so quickly. Here I was plodding along and then BAM!

I knew I was up to the new job, but it was a new area for me. Was I right to take the risk and try something different?

The answer has to be yes. When I remembered that fear is a natural emotion, I gave myself the permission to be nervous. Change was scary, but now I was actually in control of the change, instead of letting others decide my fate for me. Now I could move forward and embrace new possibilities.

There is no doubt that ‘feeling the fear’ and doing it anyway is a challenge and at times it would be easier to give up and keep the status quo. However, if we are truly committed to living a full life and expanding our knowledge and sense of purpose, then we must accept that degree of uncertainty and fear and move on to discover a brighter future.


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