Return of Miss Cluttermonkey

Last year was a terrible year and everything was put on hold. But now as the sun begins to shine again and the first signs of spring peep through the frost covered soil, my thoughts turn once again to…decluttering.  Return of Miss Cluttermonkey

This is not to say that last year, I failed to get rid of anything at all. I regularly cleared out old toys and donated clothes that now fitted the dollies rather than my daughter.

Things that got broken like my microwave, got dumped – and for a few glorious days at a time my flat even looked tidy.

But these were the easy things and my good intentions never seemed to last.

Another Birthday and a Christmas went past, bringing more gifts all gratefully received, but still to be stored or displayed. New hobbies came and went but still the usual suspects turned up. Cupboards overflowing, books blocking the entrance to my flat and items stuffed into storage all waiting to DIY.

The final straw came when I found I had an unwanted guest. A mouse who delighted in going to the toilet in every spot he could find apart from the lavatory. I have still never worked out what this little guy liked to eat. I baited traps with cheese and chocolate, bread and ham but nothing was taken. I never found anything chewed and without his ‘little presents’ I would think that he was a ghost. Having this critter has forced me to move furniture that hasn’t been shifted for years, rewash numerous items of clothing and become OCD about everything. I’m hoping my mega poison is working because I haven’t seen him for a few weeks, so fingers crossed. Thanks to Mickey, I realised just how many hiding places my clutter had created.

So the throwing out has begun again in earnest and I am re-reading my decluttering books like a mad thing. I have returned to old classics like ‘The Joy of Less’ by Francine Jay and ‘You can buy happiness (and it’s cheap) by Tammy Strobel. These are giving me the inspiration and motivation to get started and this time I am going to deal with my clutter once and for all.

Clutter beware – I’m coming to get you!


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  1. I recently went through the same thing! It also involved an unwanted house guest…what I decided to do is pack all of my unnecessary clutter in air tight containers and used part of my unused rec room as storage. After a year and I no longer remember what I packed I will let it go. You need at least some space to put the boxes but the process is working for me. It feels better, the air is lighter and when I look around there aren’t constant reminders of a difficult messy year.
    Happy decluttering!!

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