The KonMari approach – will it work for me?

So once I started rereading about decluttering I was hooked.
Yes it was faintly japanese-cherry-trees-324182_640embarrassing – how can one person want to read so much about tidying – it’s not exactly exiting?! But I became addicted. It was like I had started a quest for the holy grail of freedom, minimalism, if only I could crack this nut, my life would be transformed!

Now some would say all this reading was merely distraction therapy – helping me put off the actual tidying up… but no I wanted to learn how to do this once and for all. I had flirted with declutting in the past but now was the time for some real commitment! I seem to spend every waking moment moving my stuff around from one room to the next and it only took a few seconds before everything was a mess again. How could this be?

Then I stumbled upon Marie Kondo whose book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up had took everywhere else by storm but only just appeared on my radar. What was that phrase about ‘When the teacher is ready…’ And now I am hooked!

For those who don’t know the method, the book recommends a simple approach to tidying up – one that is designed to work ‘forever’ You can watch her explain her method on YouTube, but the book goes into greater detail. Basically you discard anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ and then tidy the rest up so everything has a proper place in your home. The book provides the detail and the correct order for discarding that prevents you getting stuck on sentimentality. OK, this item belonged to your mother-  but it’s the memories not the object that counts, so it you love it – keep it! But if it doesn’t make you feel amazing, then you know what to do…

What I did noticed about the discarding was the recommendation to put everything into bin bags, rather than pass it onto one else or try and to sell it. However I still remain an advocate of donating to charity. As I outlined in my earlier post ‘Why giving away to charity is better than selling’ I’d prefer my things to go a good home but I’m not trying to reclaim any money back because as Marie explains this is a sunk cost. I’m unlikely to get the money I paid for it back anyway.

Much of Marie Kondo’s advice goes to against what I’ve believed to be true about decluttering, but it does sounds very convincing. So I’ve resolved to give it a go and see if it works for me. Because if it does – it can work for anyone….




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