The Konmari method and my wardrobe

In my last post I decided to embrace the
Magicclothes-hangers-582212_640 of tidying up, cut the clutter once and for all and start trying the Konmari method.

First stop was my wardrobe or rather my large chest of drawers that had me continuing swearing as I tried to find something to wear. Trying to find a particular top seemed to take ages and usually when I found it it was creased and screwed up
– not a particularly attractive look!

I didn’t have set amount of time put aside and I was eager to start the process and so o I broke rules a little. I worked through my chest of  drawers one by one rather than taking everything out and putting it into a pile. This was enough to convince me I actually had lots of clothes – most of which I never wore. Worst of all the colours were so dull. Black, black, black! You’d think I worked in funeral parlour.

Sorting through wasn’t so difficult although I did fear I would end up with nothing to wear at the end of it. Travelling trousers I had been saving for my next trip to the tropics (not likely to be any time soon), boring blouses, snoods (!) and other people’s casts off. It wasn’t that I hadn’t worn a lot of these items in a long time, it was more a case I had never worn them and furthermore never would. So why was I keeping them?! Some I binned and some I put in the charity bag.

Once I had sorted them, I started rolling! No not on the floor but all of my clothes which I then arranged neatly back in the space. To be honest Maria’s book wasn’t very descriptive in how to fold clothes properly, but I found some good links online that showed me how to do it easily.  The goop website is particularly good. The results were – amazing! To be honest I never thought I’d be so excited about rolling clothes, but I was and it worked! My drawers were transformed and I set about rolling all my daughters clothes in the same way. The difference is this. When you open your drawer you call see all the clothes you have at once. No more searching through piles of clothing to find what you are looking at. It’s all there and it’s easy. Plus because I’d got rid of so much there was naturally more space for my clothes to breathe.

The other bonus is once I’d reached a such a stage of perfection I wanted to maintain it. So when it comes to sorting my laundry I no longer  shove everything in a drawer and run away. Instead, I take the trouble to fold it properly and put it away where it belongs. Not bad for Miss Lazy Clutter-chops!

That said, there is still more to do. By failing to follow the advice to sort everything and by rushing the step of discarding – I can still see clothes I can do without. Unfortunately I still feel rather reluctant about shifting them, which is odd. So I will do the process again. I think what is holding me back is the fear of having no choice and the knowledge that I don’t have the money to go on a big shopping spree.

But these are probably just excuses. So let’s see how it goes!



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