Four large suitcases

I recently saw my friend Howard, who had moved back to the UK after
living ten years in Budapest. He said that when returned, all the possessions he bought with him fitted in four large suitcases. Suitcases

I was gobsmacked. I certainly wasn’t moving anywhere without a giant removal van and hours of lifting, shifting and endless packing! But I remembered, way back  (ok not that far back, cheeky!) when I was a student, it wasn’t always like that.

I thought about how I reached the cluttered state of affairs I was now in, and the answer was simple. I’d made the mistake of constantly believing more books, DVDs, fancy ornaments, clothes and gadgets would improve my life and make me the sort of person other people would find interesting.

Yet what had really made me happy was spending time with friends and family and doing new things and exploring new places. Getting rid of my stuff wouldn’t change this.

I can’t say for certain I will ever be as minimalist as Howard. But I will see how it goes.


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