Kitchen clutter – blitz it!

Pre -blitz, my kitchen would have made Nigella Lawson weep. There was nothing sexy about unless your idea of ‘romantic’ was a sorry collection of dust covered vases, chipped mugs and mismatched plates, inherited from the previous owner (!) Out of date food silently spoiled in the pantry and my largest unit was a health and safety hazard. If you opened the doors you were in danger of being crushed by a Tupperware Avalanche or suffocated by an armful of paper

So I decided to go  ‘Kondo’ on my kitchen, finally purging my self of numerous fruit bowls, boxes and crockery. Out went my gran’s chipped storage pots and most of my collection of Art Deco glassware. The bin and donation box were well used and by the end of the day my counter space had doubled. Yet I still managed to keep hold of many of the items I had and although I worked hard there were still areas to tackle which I couldn’t fit into a day.
Although Maria Kondo advises de-cluttering quickly in practice, in reality this has been hard as I chose to get my donations out of the house the same day. I therefore lost time going back and forth to the charity shop. The overall time frame for de-cluttering according to Maria is six months. And I’ve only got a few months left.
The result is my kitchen is not perfect, but it is a lot better. I need another day to sort out the areas I have missed eg the dreaded cutlery drawer, and my next step is to tackle my husband who keeps buying more food than we need. I found that excess food it now cluttering up the counters only to get thrown away when it goes off.
So it’s still a work in progress and there are things I should really get rid of… like my green alien head ice bucket…but hey it sparks joy so for now i’m keeping it. However I am mindful of the fact that I am still very far away from my minimalist dream.

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