Why am I stuck?

Life keeps getting in the way of decluttering it really does! Stuck

I want to stick to my goal of reducing my possessions, but then I have a period of chaos which wipes out weeks of my schedule. Why does everything come at once? My husband’s and daughters birthdays, Easter, my first kids party (14 kids!) a trip to the U.S. to be bridesmaid, a rebrand and launch of a new system at work and my husband being made redundant. Phew! Just writing it makes me feel tired. So I ask you – where do I fit decluttering (let alone blog writing), into all that? Exactly.

It’s frustrating and part of me is tempted just to get a bin bag and start filling it with the nearest items I can find. Yet I feel that the move to minimalism should be a conscious step towards simplicity, rather than a brutal strike that may lead to regret. Once again the fear of ‘will I manage without it?’ surfaces even though I already know the answer will be – of course I can!

The question is – is my excuse that I’m too busy – just an excuse? Or have I become stuck. What is the real reason I am holding onto to my possessions for dear life? Is it the insecurity born from the change my family is facing? Maybe so, but what it would take for me to move forward?

I am trying to focus on all the positives that a minimalist lifestyle will bring and am feeling inspired by a new blog I’ve found becomingaminimalist.org. The creator of this blog is much further along the minimalist journey, while in comparison, I’m still hanging around the airport still waiting to take flight. I realise that everyone is different, but why do some people find minimalism easy to achieve, while others struggle?

I am conscious that this post has lots of unanswered questions. I just feel I need to take some drastic action or I could be asking these questions for the rest of my life. I just have to work out what action that will be and I think it might be that bin bag!

What are the questions you need to ask about your life?


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  1. I feel the same way. I just want everything gone. I want a week alone in my house to attack the clutter once and for all. But I have kids, work, husband that I have to attend to as well. Hopefully this weekend will be a productive one.


    • I hope it is – I know what you mean about needing a week to tackle the whole thing but at the same time my holiday is precious so it’s turning into one day at a time. I tell myself I’ll declutter and then I’m too tired or I’d rather go to the park and play in the sunshine than be stuck in doors need deep in stuff. I guess the focus has to be short term pain for long term gain. It is frustrating but we will get there!

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