The curse of bits and bobs

On Saturday I made the most of my daughterBits and bobs
falling asleep after a busy afternoon in the park
and decided to tackle the top of my chest of drawers.  This was currently camouflaged by a blanket of clutter, stuffed with papers and tissues, jewellery stands and boxes full to the brim of  bits and bobs.

And it was amazing just how many of these bits and these bobs there actually were. Things that I had held on for years which might come in handy one day,  which in most cases, never had.

There was the pedometer that I’d had for so long the battery had run out. A chunk of beeswax to put on my didgeridoo (which was now inaccessible at the back on the loft – bad for me, good for the neighbours). Trinkets, silver thimbles and mini sewing kits, lost earrings, a gold Taurus in the bull in miniature, initial stamps, an amulet from the company of mysteries journeys,  you name it was there.

Partly to blame was my mum and her love of catalogues. She would spend hours pouring over items to decorate and revolutionize her home  and when I bought my flat her horizons expanded. Over the years she presented me with items that I never knew had been invented –  like the staple-less stapler for example. A selection of items more at home in a cabinet of curiosities, rather than on top of my chest of drawers – which is where they had eventually come to rest.

The solution – the charity bag and the bin and for perhaps the first time I felt my decluttering was really getting somewhere. I had tackled these boxes several times before and thrown away a little but not a lot. This time I got ride of the contents and the boxes. These included a miniature cabinet which my husband had bought me. Although both of the handles to open it had subsequently snapped off, I still kept it afraid he would complain I had thrown it away. But not a word from him! I’m sure he must have noticed it was gone and that suddenly there was a empty space where it had sat. Or even perhaps released that my large chest of drawers was actually made of wood and not a mound of garbage, paper and clutter. Not a flicker or a murmur.

So what did I learn:

  • I’d got better at decluttering.
  • People don’t always care when you get rid of their gifts.
  • I prefer having clear surfaces.
  • I really don’t need all those bits and bobs.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work – although I needed a lie down by the end of it!


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