Clutter: Taking stock of my cloth

So after the purge of my wardrobe – did I miss the clothing I threw out?
No not really.
I had a few panics that my favourite top had gone to
the great charity shop  in the sky but when I looked it was still there. However, to be honest there were still items that called out to me “Oi! You never wear me, so why am I here? I could be parading the streets of London on some other lovely lady.
You need to sort it. Innit.”

Those clothes keep on shouting out to me, I’m telling you!
That’s why I have to keep my chest of drawers shut.

My friends would admit I’m not known for my style so why am I worrying about getting rid of more? I’m not exactly a fashion guru and while I like to look well turned out on occasion, I’m hardly a slave to my threads.

So tonight clothes I’m coming to rescue you – you’ll soon be free.

What clothes are you holding to ransom in your wardrobe?

And more importantly – what are you going to do about it?


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