Winning goals – what I learned from Leicester City

goalsAgainst all odds and to the outrage of bookies everywhere, Leicester City won the Premier League. Leicester’s funds were small in comparison to the teams they were up against, yet they focused on their dreams and it paid off big time. Thanks to their combined hard work, self belief and sheer tenacity, they achieved their goals – in all senses of the word.

I’m currently trying to work on my own goals and it’s not easy because:

  • It’s actually hard work to remain focused.
  • There are lots of temptations to go off and do other things (especially when the sun is out).
  • At the moment the results are slow to happen and not very impressive. I want overnight success. And I wanted it to happen yesterday.
  • I’m afraid all my efforts might come to nothing.
  • I’m afraid I will give up to soon.

But if I let fear hold me back then perhaps I will stop trying. And if I stop trying then perhaps I will always be wondering…what if?

Another lesson from Leicester’s success was they didn’t try and do it by themselves. They had their own team, their manager, coach, physiotherapists etc supporting them, not to mention thousands of fans to spur them on. So I’ve started focusing on my own support team –  people who will encourage me to keep going, point out my bad ideas and keep me smiling. Luckily there are people who are doing that already, coaching me, liking my blog and I’m very very grateful to them and will return the favour where I can.

We talk about personal goals, but in fact we are all part of communities both large and small. Maybe the best way to win our own champions league will be to keep communicating and celebrating with the people who are cheering us on.


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