Woman versus stuff

There’s a show you may have watched called ‘Man versus Food’ where a man travels America, taking on ‘all-you-can-eat’ challenges like eating huge pizzas, or ridiculous amounts of tacos.woman versus stuff

I’m currently planning my own show. It’s called  ‘Woman-versus-stuff’. The premise is simple. I walk into a room in my house armed with a shredder and a
bin-liner and get to work. If I complete a full bag by the end of an hour – I’ve beaten the stuff!

In terms of entertainment, getting rid of clutter doesn’t seem like compulsive viewing, but then you’d think that watching a fat man stuffing his face full of food, wouldn’t be either. Fortunately for my audience, the only person who watches the show is currently me
and I love the idea!

This week I tackled greeting cards. They certainly prove the theory that small things add up! Now I love receiving cards and I always have done. It’s a tiny frivolous pleasure as it makes me always feel pleased that someone took the trouble to chose one, write the envelope and stick a stamp on it. (And perhaps I should be better at sending them myself but that’s by the by.)

My mother also loves cards – but she hoards them. She has kept birthday and anniversary cards going years back. She keeps them in boxes and sticks them in scrapbooks and she has a hundred cards for ‘what ifs’ (but somehow can never find the card she has set aside especially for my birthday.)

I must have got this habit from her, because I kept my cards too. These come from birthdays, my wedding, my daughters christening and includes cards given to my family as well. But to what end?! I enjoyed getting the card at the time and displaying it, but now what? Did I have the time to sit going through them and reminiscing. No! Were they taking up valuable space. Yes! Would I receive more cards in the future? Fingers crossed….

So the upshot of all this was that  last night ‘woman versus stuff’ vanquished an old card collection.

Who knows where her bin-liner will take her tonight?!


2 replies

  1. I love this show idea! Please keep allowing us private viewings of this show… 🙂 I tackle greeting cards by taking pictures of the meaningful messages in the cards and tossing the card, ASAP!


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