Finding a new style – why rockabilly rocks


In my previous post taking stock of my cloth I reflected on the downsizing of my wardrobe to ‘regular wears only’ and then a funny thing happened. Suddenly I decided to embrace a new style. “What?!” you say “This flies in the face of living simply!” Well yes and no.

Because actually after the big sort out I looked at the clothes I had left and my style finally came to me. It was retro rockabilly. A bit like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces I needed were already there but just jumbled up. When I removed the excess I could see them more clearly. There were dresses with polka dots and cherries, stripy t-shirts and a couple of pencil skirts (despite my rather unforgiving hips) All I needed was to add a few anchor motifs and I was away!

What really clinched it for me was a new haircut. After achieving the worlds worst passport photo and receiving the comment that I came across as a bit ‘mumsie (!) I went for the chop and a new fringe was born. But the darn thing kept getting in the way. It grew like Japanese knot weed and I walked around partially blind for days. A change of hairdresser and ta-dah. A fifties fringe was born which people actually recognised as a fifties look and I even got compliments like ‘funky’ (much better than the m word!)

Here is why I think the rockabilly look will work for me:

  • I have several 50’s style items of clothing already no need to replace my entire wardrobe
  • The look is retro so I don’t have to try and keep up with the latest fashion
  • The clothes are quirky and fun – a big tick from me
  • It’s a simple look to achieve which only requires a few key pieces – bottoms – pencil skirt, Capri pants, blue jeans with turn-ups, swing skirt dress. Tops: polka dots, striped t-shirt, checked shirt, blouse.
  • Shoes one dressy pair, one casual, baseball boots/plimsolls
  • The clothes are practical so I can still run around after my daughter and when I want to dress up its easy
  • The clothes are good value and several companies like Hell Bunny have a good selection on Amazon.
  • My shopping will be online saving time going in and out of clothes shops with a bored toddler and finding nothing to wear.
  • The look is glamorous, so encourages me to make the best of myself and a good excuse to stick on the lipstick.

I’m looking forward to adding few editions to my pared-down wardrobe but will be mindful of budget and to keep the number of items to a manageable number. I’m not competing with anyone or obsessing about authenticity. I’m just having fun. Once the basics are in place that’s that no need to keep buying or worrying about style.

I’d love to hear from other bloggers about their own styles and they keep it simple. Please let me know.


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  1. Ooooh what a great discovery! Rockabilly style is awesome, I do love it, I just don’t gravitate towards that look on myself and I’m too lazy. I fell into my style out of sheer laziness. I don’t spend time on my hair, don’t wear make up, perfume, etc. I discovered:
    1) bamboo singlets = SO COMFORTABLE and such good quality that lasts forever (and ethical!)
    2) wrap skirts = SO COMFORTABLE, they fit no matter your size or weight or layers you have on
    3) Scarves, necklaces, bracelets, watch, a leather satchel as accessories to change the look. MUCH CHEAPER than different outfits and practical items too.
    So my look is usually something like this. Or fisherman/batik pants/loose comfortable pants that can pass as fashionable like this.


    • I think simple styles are the best – forgot about wrap skirts they work really well. I have a leather satchel too which does well for work and I can hang it on my daughters pushchair so practical too. Thanks for sharing your style!

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  2. I too have embraced the Rockabilly style. You know you’re onto something when you receive such lovely compliments. The old ladies around town love it and have even given me some great tips as it takes them back to the day. Then even your own Mum declares you were born in the wrong era lol. The best bit about this style is falling in love with your curves and I have plenty 😉


    • Sounds like you have nailed the style and if you are getting compliments from the ladies who did it first time round – it doesn’t get better than that. I just like the feeling of being dressy without being overly formal like I’m about to go on a big night out. Keep rocking that style sister!

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