Clutter that triggers bad emotions

I realised yesterday that I am holding onto to stuff that
emotionally makes me feel bad.bad emotions and clutter

How crazy is that?. These objects although attractive in themselves trigger bad associations yet still I hold onto them. I can understand that holding onto items belonging to people we love are difficult to part with. But what about items that were given to us who were not quite so special? Here I’m talking about ex partners, colleagues and ‘frenemies.’

For example I was given a gift by an ex colleague at a birthday party at which she behaved quite rudely. Fortunately I didn’t work with her for very long but I kept her gift because it was useful and beautiful. And yet whenever I look at it it reminds me of her and brings up negative feelings. The same with a necklace given to me by an ex boyfriend. I’ve never worn it, it’s not really my style – yet I hang onto it and whenever I see it it reminds me of a relationship which failed. Madness!

The question is why? Why do I hold onto these gifts? What is stopping me parting with them? I’m not so sure. Are they a subtle reminder to trust my instincts when it comes to people? In both these cases I had had misgivings about the friendship and the relationship. Or is it simply that as usual I am reluctant to let go of my clutter. Maybe this is just another excuse to stop me doing this?

Either way, the charity bag is beckoning. What are your motivations (excuses) for keeping hold of clutter?


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  1. Recently I’ve been dragging out the “too special to use” stuff and using it. Like the fancy steak knives my parents received as a wedding gift and never used their entire lives. I kept them for years without using them, and recently I had this breakthrough. Why keep them in pristine condition in a trunk somewhere? Sure, they’re Sheffield steel and all that, but they were made to be used. I can treat them carefully and enjoy them instead of having them just take up space in my universe for no reason other than sentimentality.


    • Good to hear – I did the same with my grandmothers vintage tea service – too precious to use but like you knives that’s what it’s there for plus it’s amazing the dust that gathers when you don’t use things regularly!


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