How Tim Peake inspired me to reach for my goals

I was inspired this week by British Astronaut Tim Peake, who returned to Earth after spending six weeks at the international space station. This was amazing achievement in itself and during his trip, he also became the first British astronaut to walk in space. astronaut

When his capsule arrived safely back to earth I found it so emotional I was in tears. Tim however, was typically unfazed after the trip, which was described by reports as ‘like being like a major car crash.’ Tim described it as ‘the ride of his life’ and as usual he was smiling.

Virgin Atlantic want to make Space tourism a reality and maybe in my life time it will be. So I’ve put it on my bucket list and perhaps one day, I’ll be speaking to my grandchildren from the surface of the moon. I must admit that in the past I have never paid much attention to space travel beyond watching old episodes of Star Trek. But after learning about Tim’s achievements, I’m hooked.

What space travel does prove,  is that amazing things are achievable.  Tim’s journey was made possible by hundreds of scientists, technicians, engineers and administrators, all working to achieve the incredible. Together, they made science fiction a reality, fulfilling the dreams of our ancestors who looked up to the stars and paid homage to the Gods who resided there.

Our lesson is simple. When people tell us things can’t be done, or worse, we impose our own limitations on ourselves, we should picture Tim Peake’s smile – and think again.


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