A clutter free holiday?

Just come back from my trip to Butlins holiday camp – and next time I’m taking the train.clutter free holiday  Partly because my Sat Nav took me via 120 roundabouts, but mostly because there is only so much you can carry on a train!  The British Rail luggage rack isn’t really big enough for the balance bike, the scooter and the sticky ball bats that never got used or the umpteen dresses that never got worn.

I’ll also leave behind the store-cupboard-worth of food I took along because we went self catering – only to find I couldn’t be bothered to cook, so we ate out most nights anyway.

Finally I will make do with a chalet as I really didn’t  need the six bed apartment for three people. Or I will wait for a last minute 50% off deal for the Butlins Hotel, like my friend did, by booking the week before.

So as much as I enjoyed my break – less would have definitely been more.

And I learnt that minimalism also applies to holidays.


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