The self-helper’s lament

I’m working on my goals but sometimes success seems very far away.  So I wrote this tongue-in-cheek poem to express my frustration.  If you’ve ever read a self-help book you may know where I’m coming from….

The Self-helper’s lament

Come on Universe, where are you?
I’ve read my self-help books from cover to cover,
Listed my SMART goals, wrote my life’s purpose,
I’ve consulted Carnegie, Robbins and Winfrey,
I’ve Landmarked, and bio danced,
Discovered ‘the Secret’ and cosmically ordered,
Said my affirmations, visualized, self-hypnotized,
Given up alcohol, coffee and sugar,
Journaled, took action and seized the day,
I’ve tweeted, blogged, and Facebooked, as if my very life depended on it!
Yet nothing from you Universe.
When are you going to do your bit?
Soon would be good.


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