Be careful what you focus on

They say what you focus on you will receive its called the law of attraction. And it’s true I focused on decluttering and now I have the mother of decluttering projects. chaos-485493_640
This weekend was spent sorting out my soon to be bedroom. There were still the remains of my fathers possessions but now a year after his death I could finally see them as just things. Even objects that were familiar to me since childhood held no emotion for me anymore. So goodbye brass ashtray shaped like a fish. My family never smoked anyway.
Strangest of all For someone who loved antiques and Tudor style and Art Deco I realised my taste in decor had suddenly gone through a tsunami. Suddenly everything looked old fashioned and old lady and suddenly I wanted bright and modern and minimalist! What happened? Had I brain washed myself with all this talk of decluttering?
The urge to clear and to throw away has become overwhelming. Now I just crave space and order and neatness. Maybe this is late onset OCD? But I’m a woman on a mission.
There are still blockages. There are certain things I’m holding onto I need to make a decision about one way or another and that time is now.
One thing I know the urge to fight against my fate is lessening and I can do this. I am humbled when I hear about other people’s problems. In reality –  I got it good.

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