Excuses and how to avoid them


I’m writing this feeling like I am the queen of making excuses. It’s so easy isn’t. I’d much rather watch TV than declutter or write my blog. I’m too old, too busy, too tired. If I spend time building my blog then I will miss out time with my daughter.

If I do this work now I’ll miss out spending time with my friends. And so the negative thoughts build up and the things I want to do don’t get done and then I end up with a pile of excuses as well as a pile of clutter.

Sometime it would be nice for someone to come along and wave that magic wand and then everything would be suddenly perfect. My life flows effortlessly and I live in a perfect home with infinite time and no stress. And even as I write this I know its never going happen (although I’m working on it);  Harry Potter and Tinkerbell are just fiction (sorry folks) and I know that it’s down to me and no one else to get results.

So what do I do when I start trotting out the excuses?

  1. I find some inspiration. I start watching Tony Robbins videos on YouTube and then usually ten minutes in I think I really should be doing something towards my dreams instead of hearing other peoples. Motivational books really get me moving too. They are like having a personal coach but a lot cheaper. I reread my favourites often, usually when I’m commuting to work.
  2. I write out my excuses on individual bits of paper and go through them one by one and give reasons why the excuse is nonsense. Again this focuses the mind and helps me turn all my negatives into positives.
  3. I take action and this starts me moving. Even if it’s clearing a surface in my home, I find this spurs me on to bigger decluttering projects.
  4. I schedule time in my calendar. It’s called making a date with myself to do something proactive. Instead of going out drinking and then feeling bad the next day I shut myself away and get working instead. Next day I feel healthier and feel like I’ve achieved something. By scheduling time I also make sure that my time is utilized properly rather than just wasted away.
  5. I talk to a friend. Truth is I moan to a friend. (Sorry guys) I try to do this by email so it’s not too tedious, but face to face is better. I keep it brief but sometime by just giving a voice to my excuses I can see what they really are – a load of old rubbish.

If I could take any tip it would be number 3. I waste so much time moaning that I need to take action or can’t take action that if I just started doing something I’d be so much further ahead. So no more excuses, let’s get a move on!


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