Getting back on the monkey bars

After a period of time out I’ve decided to quit monkeying around and get back to the task of decluttering.

I’ve been going through one of those times in my life just getting through the day without screaming at someone or something is an achievement. This has been pretty much my life since the last time I sat down and typed out my miss cluttermonkey blog..

You may remember I was moving in with my mother. So momentus was this decision it made the papers literally! I honestly thought I was doing the best thing for my family but both the paper and the online forum disagreed and they appear to have been right….

This experience has given me the upmost respect for carers and I’ve also concluded that unfortunately I am a bad one. It’s also ironic that as I started the decluttering process to create more space in my life, moving in with my mother created so many more things for me to deal with, in already overcrowded schedule. There were bills, medical appointments, general house maintenance and a garden so neglected, that if I parted the bushes, I may have found a dinosaur. And it didn’t help that I was having to sort out all my mums stuff and the crap my brother left behind to make room my family’s stuff. There is still huge amounts to clear!

But moaning never got anyone anywhere and there are people who are 1000 time worse off. I know this. Perhaps this is the universe’s way of testing my strength and saying “Look, you wanted to set yourself up as some sort of decluttering diva – so here is more clutter than you ever imagined! Now start walking the walk lady!”

What I’m learning from all this is whatever life throws at you, you can never give up. You just need to take some time out to regroup and refocus. It’s no good me preaching about reclaiming space, if I don’t allow myself a little bit of it now and again.

So a new chapter and a new challenge begins. Now I’m focusing on creating wealth through decluttering. Who’s with me?


Miss Cluttermonkey 


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