Creating time

I was reminded me this week about the importance of time and the number of minutes we have each day – 1440. This actually doesn’t sound that many and once they slip by… they are gone! Goodbye time and hello tomorrow! No wonder Christmas seems to come around so fast these days. But what do we do about it?

Everyone has the same amount of minutes. Rich, poor it doesn’t matter. That’s your lot. You can’t get more and if you read a lot of articles and blogs apparently most of us are wasting them watching TV and box sets and surfing in the internet (or reading articles and blogs). But are we?

I think I must have an hour each day – or 60 of those precious minutes that I waste on TV – that’s way below average. And I should probably spend more time on Facebook catching up with people rather than less. I want to write more, create more and I’m sure everyone has something they would like to focus more time on, but something or someone else always eats up those minutes.

So what do we do about it and what do we say no to? Some things we have to do and if we don’t do them ourselves we have to pay someone else to do and that’s expensive. So how do we get the balance?

The answer isn’t pretty. It looks like we have to use some of those minutes doing things we’d rather not do such as the laundry, paying bills, or stopping our homes descending into chaos. But if we do a bit each day then actually this saves time in the long run. This stops us being forced to take annual leave or use our weekends to do chores (I’ve done this and believe me, it sucks.)

But once we’ve done those chores boring everyday bits then what? It’s then about making sure we throw in a bit of happiness into those minutes no matter what they may be. It could be calling your best friend, sitting with a cappuccino, or reading a book.

What that ‘one good thing’ is might be will vary for person to person, but you can fit it in somewhere. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom – just do it.

Thirdly think about the future for ten minutes. What actions could you take this very day to work towards a better future, better health, improved finances, or just creating more time for yourself? Take a small action every day towards this goal. Little steps add up to a giant leap.

Finally accept that your life might not be perfect right now. Sometimes, it might be the least perfect it’s ever been but remember, tomorrow you will get 1440 more minutes and tomorrow really is another day.


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