Making money from decluttering

As Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall once sang – “Money’s too tight to mention.” This month I am in debt and I hate it. And I’m not evening counting the scary debt of my mortgage – let’s just not go there.  But in the short term, the debts that are worrying me most is my overdraft + credit card = problem debt.

So I’m looking for solutions that fit in with my decluttering. Previously all junk went straight to the charity shop and apart from some large items of furniture, it was low value and it was easy to donate. Like a modern day fairy godmother I just waved my wand and it was out of the house.

But now I need to ‘liquidate some of my assets’ as they say. I need to generate £1000 of extra cash and I don’t have long to do it, but I do still have a load of junk that I could sell. Surely somebody needs it somewhere?!

To make things worse I’ve made the classic mistake of booking a holiday which of course has made my debt worse. Not an expensive one, but it all adds up and I don’t want to spend my holiday worry about money. So yikes, I need to take action fast and here are my plans for quick and not so quick wins.

  1. Cut down on the money drains – I’ve already binned the alcohol, now the decaf soya cappuccinos are going the same way.
  2. Stop eating out – make my own food and get food in for packed lunches.
  3. Get tight with my money – stop splashing it around and think consciously before I buy anything.
  4. Look at how I can save money on bills.
  5. Work out what I’m really spending every month by keeping a money diary.

These are the ways I plan to generate money through decluttering:

  1. Car boot sales – summer is peak car boot sale and I’ve found a couple of really busy  ones.
  2.  eBay – I sold a work top once, I can do it again!
  3.  Gumtree – never tried but my husband likes it.
  4.  Small ads in the local paper – depends on the cost, never tried but who knows.
  5.   Shpok the boot sale app – I have a friend who swears by this.
  6.   Auction houses – there is a local one and I have some china I never use which I  could have a go at flogging.
  7.   Jewellers – do I have any gold I can sell?
  8.   Specialist dealers – am I sitting on some valuable records somewhere?
  9.   Other sources of income – speaking, tour guiding, writing, surveys?

The other thing I need to do is to create some time to carry out all these activities and I should probably do some research on the best way to go about it. Also I need to figure out the password on my PayPal account?! I need somewhere for all this money to flood into!

I’m not materialistic and I’ve never seen money as an end in itself. But maybe this is the time to change my attitude to money as I hate being in debt. So here is my focus – £1000 you are coming my way! Any other recommendations welcome!


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