The curse of bits and bobs

On Saturday I made the most of my daughter falling asleep after a busy afternoon in the park and decided to tackle the top of my chest of drawers.  This was currently camouflaged by a blanket of clutter, stuffed with papers and tissues, jewellery stands and boxes full to the brim […]

Why am I stuck?

Life keeps getting in the way of decluttering it really does!  I want to stick to my goal of reducing my possessions, but then I have a period of chaos which wipes out weeks of my schedule. Why does everything come at once? My husband’s and daughters birthdays, Easter, my […]

Kitchen clutter – blitz it!

Pre -blitz, my kitchen would have made Nigella Lawson weep. There was nothing sexy about unless your idea of ‘romantic’ was a sorry collection of dust covered vases, chipped mugs and mismatched plates, inherited from the previous owner (!) Out of date food silently spoiled in the pantry and my […]

Four large suitcases

I recently saw my friend Howard, who had moved back to the UK after living ten years in Budapest. He said that when returned, all the possessions he bought with him fitted in four large suitcases.  I was gobsmacked. I certainly wasn’t moving anywhere without a giant removal van and hours […]