Woman versus stuff

There’s a show you may have watched called ‘Man versus Food’ where a man travels America, taking on ‘all-you-can-eat’ challenges like eating huge pizzas, or ridiculous amounts of tacos. I’m currently planning my own show. It’s called  ‘Woman-versus-stuff’. The premise is simple. I walk into a room in my house […]

The curse of bits and bobs

On Saturday I made the most of my daughter falling asleep after a busy afternoon in the park and decided to tackle the top of my chest of drawers.  This was currently camouflaged by a blanket of clutter, stuffed with papers and tissues, jewellery stands and boxes full to the brim […]

Kitchen clutter – blitz it!

Pre -blitz, my kitchen would have made Nigella Lawson weep. There was nothing sexy about unless your idea of ‘romantic’ was a sorry collection of dust covered vases, chipped mugs and mismatched plates, inherited from the previous owner (!) Out of date food silently spoiled in the pantry and my […]